Oh how I love questions, asking them and answering them. They share people’s beliefs, stories and values. The other day we were with some friends and they asked me tons of questions, I loved it. Later they apologized for too many questions. I thought no worries, in my mind there are never too many questions. It’s how we get to know each other, lots of questions. Questions open the doors to better understand the whys in our lives. They answer why we think, do and act the way we do. They tell us what our lens we process through life is. When someone asks you a ton of questions do you feel like they are interested in your life or being nosey? I am curious about everything but I know sometimes I ask too much. Would you rather ask or answer the questions? I think life is all about answering the questions to understand where we came from and where we are hoping to go to. I have the privilege of working with many people of all different ages. One thing I think is beautiful is when a person gets to a certain age and decides to listen to their soul instead of what society is telling them. When I work with younger people I find that most of them are still seeking to look a certain way, say the right thing and fit in. I don’t think it’s a certain age, but a maturity level, when you realize it is okay to just be you. That it's okay to look how you look, live your style, be true to your own beliefs and be okay if not everyone agrees and that it doesn’t make you wrong. I think each of us was created to stand out in our own way, to believe in our abilities and strengths and to surround ourselves with other people who help fill in our weaknesses. Have you done strength finders? Do you know your strengths? Mine are: WOO-Communication-Positivity-Strategic-Includer. I encourage you to learn yours. Stop trying to blend in and become your best instead of someone else’s!

Be Curious, Coach, Ask, Speak

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